Central New Brunswick Christian Bikers

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We are just a almost normal people that Love the Lord Bikes and Biking.

We are the Central New Brunswick Christian Bikers.

In the summer of 1994. There where some independent members around New Brunswick (Canada), that had made one another's acquaintance and in the fall they got together and decided to form a chapter. After the formalities where complete they had a membership of 10. 

We are an inter-denominational group which works great for us as we serve the one and only true God, and leave the rest of the denominational stuff at the door. Our main focus is to present Christ to bikers we come in contact with at rides, rally's, poker run's, etc. There are also some of us that regularly make visits to inmates in federal and provincial institutions. Also we often have the opportunity to take part in worship at various churches to which we get invited. Beyond all of this we just have fun!!! It does not say in my Bible to go into all the world and walk around with a long face, by this you can most likely attract others to join you in this great quest, but rather to go out and show the love of Christ that shines from each true believer and to go where they are, share there space, food and of course bike games, thus making others want the true peace that does not come from a bottle or needle. If this does not sound like fun I do not know what more I could say, perhaps serving God from the back of a motorcycle, helping others, Christian fellowship around a table in a restaurant, listening to 300 motorcycles fire up as they get ready to leave on a run, or just cruising with just you, the bike and the Lord would sound like fun.

Our chapter tries to attend as many events as possible each year and still find time to support our own local church. We also try to make our pastors aware as to our where-abouts so they will not think we are just jigging church and keep us in prayer as we venture out onto the highways wearing the cross of Christ on our backs.

If what is written sounds like something you might be interested in being a part of, come join us or another CMA chapter in your area, there is always room for another biker, ( brand does not matter), in our formation as we journey down lifes highways looking to change the world one heart at a time.

Central New Brunswick Christian Bikers


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