Central New Brunswick Christian Bikers

In this are you will find notes on just about anything people want to say so read on.

A Prayer
Prayer is the Key that will umlock God's treasure chest. He has great
things in store for us if we will take that key and use it. God wants to
prepare the way ahead of us as we ride into this new season.

We pray that:
Our eyes will be opened to see and hear what God wants us to see and hear,
in the Spirit as well as physically.
Our tongues will be loosed to proclaim His message of love.
Our hands will be prepared to perform as He directs.
Our minds will be open to receive His Word and His will.
Our hearts will be soft towards Him and filled with His compassion.
His Spirit will bind the spirits of criticism and hard judgement of others.
Walls and barriers that oppress and hinder His Holy Spirit be broken down
and crushed.
That He will prepare lives to receive what we bring; A Message of Hope!!!
His name be lifted up and he be glorified in us.


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